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We Believe:

  1.   The Bible is Inspired

  2.   There is only one true Godrevealed in three persons,

        Father, Son and Holy Spirit (the Trinity)

  3.   The Lord Jesus Christ is fully God

  4.   Humankind fell as a result of sin

  5.   God offers salvation through His Son Jesus

  6.   Our church practices two ordinances - water baptism, Holy Communion

  7.   The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is for everyone

  8.   There is an initial physical evidence of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

  9.   Sanctification is a process that aligns us with God

10.   God designed the church for a purpose and mission

11.   God calls some to lead in ministry

12.   God provides healing through the atonement

13.   Our future is anchored in the blessed hope

14.   Christ will rule the earth for a millennium

15.   There will be a final judgment for all

16.   Christians will enjoy the new heavens and the new earth